About BTE Workforce Solutions

Committed to Driving Business Outcomes. Every Day. For You.

We work together with you to pinpoint your biggest challenges and turn them into opportunities for improving safety, workforce wellness, and major cost reduction. Whether you need a focused single service, or help in several areas – we have you covered, today and into the future. All fully customized by the industry’s experts to fit your needs.


We lead the field in experience, research, and development – delivering the most effective, high value services for maximum impact. All connected through our unmatched hardware and software technology network, for faster, better data-supported decision-making. Take control and reduce your injury rates by 50% or more – with BTE.


Take control – recovery shouldn’t be passive. Stop feeling like an observer. You have the power to drive results and make a real difference. With your critical employee data from each phase in the process linked through BTE’s centralized, web-based decision support network. Reducing treatment costs by 40% or more.

Return to Work

Our people and technology get workers healthier and back to work faster. Collecting your key employee data at every step, comparing it against the job demands, and connecting your decision-support process with our online services. Partner with us and make Return to Work easy – for you. And reduce your company’s lost workdays by 20-40%.