Federal Premium Ammunition Lowers Injury Rates to 1% with BTE

Company Saves $1.4 Million in Worker’s Compensation Costs, a Net ROI of 347%

Federal Premium Ammunition
Industry: Ammunition Manufacturer
Date of Implementation: March 2009
Sample Size: 1100
Location: Anoka, MN

Program Overview

Multi-ethnic workers in factory. Focus on man in foreground (50s, mixed race, African ethnicity).

Since 1922, Federal Premium Ammunition (Federal) has been a major producer of sporting ammunition. Their facility is located on 175 acres in Anoka County, Minnesota with half a million square feet of manufacturing space. The facility manufactures seven days a week, making multiple daily shipments to meet demand. Some of the 1100 production employees have worked there for more than 40 years and say it’s a family atmosphere. Employee health and safety is a top priority.

After Federal suffered 23 musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) injuries with an average cost of $17,222 per claim totaling almost $400,000, they knew they needed a change. They implemented BTE’s professional and legally defensible Post Offer of Employment (POET) program and, within 5 years, successfully reduced their injury rates and workers comp costs.

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