Harley-Davidson Saves $4.9M and Continues to Improve Safety


Harley-Davidson’s partnership with BTE previously reduced Workers’ Comp costs by more than 92%. Now, they have expanded this relationship to address the full lifecycle of occupational health: injury prevention, early intervention, clinical services, and return to work.

Challenge: Aging Workforce and Seasonal Employees

Today, Harley-Davidson employs 6,200 employees across 95 countries. Approximately one-third of its employees work on the shop floor. In keeping those workers safe and healthy, Harley-Davidson faces a couple of challenges, specifically in its US operations.

For example, the average age has climbed up into the 45-55 range. An aging workforce presents its own unique challenges (click here for our webinar on transforming your aging workforce into your secret weapon), but Harley-Davidson also works with younger and untrained employees. H-D hires hundreds of seasonal, untrained workers who need to ramp up production rapidly each winter and spring.

Solution: Harley-Davidson Lifestyle Centers, Powered by BTE

Each of Harley-Davidson’s four US-based sites hosts one of these unique facilities. Staffed by BTE Onsite, they focus on improving employee health and fitness, and preventing injury.

“With the health, rehab, and fitness centers now all under one roof with BTE, we are taking down barriers,” says Beth Mrozinsky, Director of Workplace Safety & Health at Harley-Davidson. “There’s much greater collaboration between the groups, and each plays an important part in delivering care.”


Innovative Task Simulation with the PrimusRS

Driving innovation in prevention, the Harley-Davidson Lifestyle Centers have pioneered a work simulation and education program using PrimusRS technology. Until recently, PrimusRS was used exclusively in research and rehab clinics. However, its ability to simulate virtually any job-specific task makes it a perfect fit for job training, injury prevention, and return to work services.

Using PrimusRS, participants complete a task-specific program, learning better ergonomics, and increasing power and endurance to reduce the risk of injury.

“PrimusRS gives us a work simulation program that is totally custom to the task and job, and allows us to dive deeper with extra conditioning for some employees,” Mrozinsky says.

Results and ROI

Now that employee fitness, health and rehabilitation seamlessly operate under one roof with BTE, the company offers employees an unprecedented care experience. As early intervention is key, Harley-Davidson encourages employees to seek help at the Lifestyle Center at the first sign of physical discomfort, whether work-related or not. The BTE staff asseses and guides the employee through a customized program to prevent injuries.

Overall, Harley-Davidson has saved $4.9 million with BTE. Injury rates are now less than 1%, and the cost per crated unit has decreased by 88%. Employees using the PrimusRS have gained as much as 119.7% increased force and 74.8% increased power.

To see how Harley-Davidson achieved these outcomes and savings in workplace safety, read the full case study below.