Long-Term Senior Care Provider Cuts Injuries and Cost with POET

Benchmark Period

Feb. 2012 – Jan. 2013 (12 months)

Program Overview

A national provider of senior long-term care was experiencing a high rate of new hire musculoskeletal injuries, including sprain/strains, overexertion, and cumulative trauma in the three year period prior to implementing BTE’s POET solution. BTE was retained to develop a validated POET program on a pilot basis to screen incoming front-line care providers.

Key Results

92% improvement in incurred cost: POET tested vs. non-POET tested

74% lower average cost per claim: POET tested vs. non-POET tested

20% improvement in case closure rate: POET tested vs. non-POET tested

– Reduced incidence rate on POET tested candidates: 2.8% vs. 15% national average

– Assuming a 25% injury rate on failed candidates, the company avoided an additional $447,647


First Year Savings

Direct savings from reduced claims expense exceeded all program development and testing costs by 59%. Including claims avoidance, the savings are $3.82 for every dollar spent

First Year NET ROI

Applying the industry loss development factor to the claims, the net ROI is 459% after one year

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