Post Reduces Workers’ Comp Costs by 90%

BTE is proud to share a Post Consumer Brands customer success story case study.

Bob Lambert, Senior Manager of Environmental, Health and Safety for Post Consumer Brands says that “Safety first is a phrase a lot of companies use but don’t live.” So Bob made it his mission to change this. That’s why he sought out BTE, to ensure that potential employees could safely perform the essential functions of their job without getting injured. To Post, preventing every possible injury was the goal.

Staying true to their commitment to employee safety, Post implemented BTE’s Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) and Post Offer of Employment Testing (POET) programs at one of their largest facilities in early 2013. These programs offer objective measurement of job demands and development of employer-specific test protocols that measure a candidate’s ability to perform those demands.

When looking to hire the right candidate, the new hire test pass and failure rates can tell you a lot about your process. Connie Miller, Vice President of Business Development at BTE, describes it best by saying, “not all job candidate screening programs are effective. When employers are looking for better solutions, one of the first questions I ask is ‘how many people fail the test.’” If every candidate is passing, that’s the time to consider what could be missing and see how this could affect the amount of injuries in the workplace. The goal has always been to hire the right employee that can safely and effectively complete the duties that are necessary for the role.

The Results

After implementing BTE injury prevention solutions, Workers’ Compensation incidents were reduced by 81 percent; dollars incurred dropped by 90 percent, and lost time and restricted days decreased for employees in the first three years of employment. This alone was a huge success for Post, but the success didn’t stop there.

For detailed metrics and more information on Post’s success with BTE Workforce Solutions, get your copy of the complete Case Study today.