3 Ways to Promote Healthy Habits at Work

healthy habits

Healthy habits help create a productive workforce. If a company expects 110% from its employees, the best thing it can do is give 110% when it comes to work environment and safety concerns. Providing employees with a safe work environment and giving them the tools they need to maintain good health will let them know they are valued and appreciated. Take care of the employees and they will take care of the company. Little things like teaching employees safe lifting techniques and making sure they have the equipment they need to do their job safely are keys to building a positive employee/management relationship. The company can also offer guidance when it comes to healthy lifestyle habits and exercise areas on the premises that allow them to work out on their breaks.

Educate Your Employees

It’s important to make sure employees know how to do their jobs and to do them properly. Back injuries are the number one Worker’s Compensation claim and almost all of them result from workers using improper lifting techniques. When an employee first begins a job or transfers to a new job, educate them on the proper way to lift or clean up spills. Training classes that teach safe practices will keep your employees healthy and actually allow for you to have discounts through your insurance company. Yearly safety classes will reinforce the lessons they have learned in the past and will help create safe workplace habits they will last for years.

Provide Information on Healthy Habits and Lifestyle

While safety training should be mandatory, offering classes or training sessions on healthy habits and lifestyle habits will help your staff members reduce stress and feel better about themselves and the work they do for the company. Healthy employees are more productive. They enjoy what they do and they look forward to coming to work. When a company provides a workplace with a positive environment and a healthy atmosphere, employees are more likely to go the extra mile. This is especially true if the employee feels valued by the company. Providing the employees with what they need to remain healthy on all levels is essential and shows that the company has their best interest in mind.

Offer Incentives for Those Who Take Advantage of Company Exercise Programs

Many companies offer gym memberships to their employees. Some even go so far as to put a small gym or walking area on the premises so the employees can exercise while they are at work. With both concepts, many employees will exercise together as a way to stay motivated. If the company goes to the expense of putting in a small gym or workout area, it is important for the employees to also have access to a personal trainer or fitness professional who will teach them the proper way to exercise and use the machines. This can be as easy as training a few of the employees who already have a background in fitness and getting them certified as personal trainers. This allows other employees to work with someone they already know and keeps the entire program in-house.