3 Strategies to Reducing Accidents in the Workplace


Accidents in the workplace cost businesses millions of dollars every year. Employees that have a safe work environment and are provided with the tools they need to maintain that environment and protect themselves from potential harm are more likely to be more productive and more attentive to their duties. Providing employees with the things they need to feel safe and comfortable will also make them feel valued as an important person within the dynamic of the company.

Mandatory Safety Training

Mandatory safety training for each employee is important. Teaching each employee how to use an MSDS manual, clean up spills using the proper equipment, instructing them in how to safely use certain machines, and certifications in first aid and CRP will provide them with the tools they need to help prevent accidents as well as what to do if an accident does occur. The cost of teaching these classes is minimal compared to the cost of covering a Worker’s Compensation claim or an OSHA violation. Making the training mandatory for all employees ensures that each person has the knowledge, not just a select few.

Risk Management

Risk management teams are extremely important in the workplace. Enlisting employees to work on the risk management team allows them to play an active role in helping the company maintain the highest standards possible. It allows management to utilize resources within the company. By using employees who are already working at the company, management eliminates the need to hire someone who may not understand how the company works. Employees already know the environment. They know the most common risks and are the first ones to identify potential hazards. Creating the risk management team with existing employees is a win/win situation for both sides.

Accident Prevention Goals

Putting accident prevention goals in place will help provide incentives to the employees to be more aware of their surroundings. It also motivates the employees to report problems immediately instead of overlooking them until accidents happens. Offer incentives to the employees of each department. By encouraging the employees to work together when it comes to preventing accidents and injuries, you encourage solidarity and create a positive work environment where employees help one another in difficult situations. Accidents will often occur even though an employee has the best intentions. It is important, however, for the employee to have the resources they need so they aren’t put in a position to risk an accident.

The employees of a company are the first line of defense when it comes to preventing accidents and injuries. When members of management realize that employees can effectively identify potential problems, they can provide them with the proper training and skill to take the necessary measures to protect themselves and others. Companies often overlook their best resources when it comes to accident and risk prevention. Teaching the employees how to identify potential risks, in addition to how to react when an accident or injury occurs can save both time and money. Proper training on all levels is extremely important and very cost effective.