Victory Packaging Saves $4.68 for Every Dollar Invested in POET

At Victory Packaging, POET employees had a 65% injury rate reduction. BTE’s POET (Post-Offer of Employment Testing) program prevented Victory Packaging from hiring physically unfit candidates. Overall, POET programs saved the company an estimated $1 million in claims.

Goal: Reduce Injury Rates, Particularly Among Drivers

“Our drivers don’t just drive our trucks; they drive our company. They’re the ones who see our customers every single day,” says David San Miguel, Risk Manager of Victory Packaging.

According to San Miguel,  drivers are the lifeblood of the company. Yet, they rank highest for risk of impact injuries. When San Miguel first joined Victory Packaging, he quickly pinpointed two unique challenges.

First, the drivers’ strong relationship with customers makes them hard to replace. Second, it typically took drivers longer to recover than other positions.

Results: 65% Injury Reduction

Beginning with a few locations, BTE performed a Physical Demands Analysis (PDA), and developed a customized POET protocol for specific jobs. BTE’s specialized analysis and testing tools provided objective measurement and results across multiple sites.

For San Miguel, “BTE just made sense. With ergonomic engineering, it’s science. It’s the closest we can get to showing prospective employees what they will actually do.”

With BTE’s services rolled out to multiple job sites across the country, Victory Packaging has saved an estimated $1 million. For every dollar the company invested, it saved $4.68 – a net ROI of 368%. Read the full case study below.