Webinar On-Demand: “Aging Workforce” or Secret Weapon?

The Aging Workforce. We hear this phrase everywhere. And so much time is devoted to discussion of this rapidly growing population, as 80% of baby boomers plan to work past the age of 65. Estimates place 25% of the labor force at age 55 or older within a couple of years. This trend is often presented as a negative — something to “manage.” The implication is that employers need to find workarounds and coping mechanisms for this “undesirable” change in the fabric of the American workforce. But that’s just not the case. New data shows that this shift in the workforce can actually work in your favor. The aging workforce is proving to be an asset — to safety, productivity and profitability — for leading, innovative employers.

Meet the Speakers

Dave Beech, CPA, CMA, MBA
Director Health Management Services, Marsh & McLennan

Alicia Kelch, PA
OnSite Physician Assistant, Harley-Davidson Lifestyle Centers – Powered by BTE

Angela Berwick, MS, OTR, CEAS III
Manager of Onsite Services, BTE Workforce Solutions