Webinar On-Demand: Getting the Injury Prevention Solution You Need – How to Find the Best Fit and Get the “Yes!” from Your Boss

If you’ve ever stuck your neck out pitching a progressive injury prevention program only to be met with rejection, or dead-ends regarding cost and ROI – know that you are not alone. It happens, a lot. Even great program proposals can lose traction in the budgeting process.

How do you design a program to address all of your company’s specific injury prevention needs? How get your company’s “powers that be” to approve and fund programs that drive real results? The first step is changing your approach.

When you follow the right process and frame your proposal correctly, it can actually be easier than you think to get your bosses and the C-Suite on board to invest in advancing your workplace health to measurably reduce injuries.

Kevin Farthing, Environmental Health and Safety Manager for Sparton Corporation, shares how he did just that. Kevin will discuss his focus on data and dollars to drive program decisions, while keeping the employee’s health and safety in the forefront. He will share his program selection process and the metrics that earned the C-suite’s enthusiastic support. Kevin’s innovation and leadership in furthering workplace safety has driven injury down significantly, and improved health and productivity.

So much so, that Kevin was awarded the 2018 Risk and Insurance All Star Award. Kari Herndon, Lead Clinical Specialist for BTE will share her role in partnering with Kevin to build a program that has resulted in substantial injury avoidance. Learn more about Kevin’s story, and find out how you, too, can find the best approach and get the “Yes!”, turning your company’s MSD woes around, and improving workplace health across the board.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to better pinpoint your company’s risk areas and benchmarks
  • Understanding the essential data to assess and project real ROI
  • Identify meaningful and impactful metrics that work for you
  • Evaluate prevention programs to find the best for your needs
  • Better understand the perspective and common objections of your upper leadership team
  • Walk away confident in your ability to find the best solution, communicate it, and sell it internally
  • Get the “Yes!”


Kevin Farthing, MBA, ASP, ASHM
EHS Manager
Sparton Corporation
Kevin brings over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Environmental Health & Safety Management. He is a Board Certified Associate Safety Professional and a Certified Associate Safety & Health Manager. Kevin has a BS in Industrial Technology, an MBA, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. Kevin has experience in driving highly successful work injury prevention programs across many types of manufacturing.

Kari Herndon, COTA/L, CEAS
Clinical Specialist
Kari Herndon is a Clinical Lead Specialist for BTE. As a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, she has over 20 years of experience providing injury prevention services in the state of Florida and throughout the United States. As a Lead Clinician for BTE’s Workforce Solutions Team, Kari delivers client-driven services by performing physical demand analyses, ergonomic evaluations, and post-offer employment protocols, utilizing BTE’s proprietary technology and processes. Kari has provided injury prevention services across industries; including manufacturing, maritime, medical, education, energy, and transportation.