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Welcome to BTE’s Workforce Solutions Blog. We built this for you.

Whether you are a Risk Manager, Safety Engineer, Human Resources Professional, CEO, or Insurance Adjuster. For years, we’ve worked hand in hand with employers and insurers to prevent injury in the workplace, and to promote workforce health and productivity.

At BTE, we understand your needs – you face tough questions. “Who can safely and reliably perform which jobs?” “How can I be sure?” The hiring process requires compliance with multiple regulations.  We get that. And when injuries do occur – return to work decisions are not easy. You need to be sure you are doing the right thing for your company and for your employees.

BTE is committed to helping you pinpoint your biggest challenges, and turn them into opportunities for improving safety, workforce wellness, and major cost reduction. Our BTE clinicians, whether performing PDAs or providing prevention services OnSite, work at hundreds of jobsites every year, helping thousands of employees work more safely and more productively. So, this blog is intended to share with you some of the insights and innovations in employee wellness, work conditioning, and injury that they have uncovered.

We want you to succeed. And success is measured by effective prevention, recovery, and return to work. These three phases form the foundation for a safe, healthy workforce that achieves maximum productivity and minimized claims costs. We will share with you some exceptional outcomes that other employers have achieved. And share just how they were able to do it, to offer you an insight into the kind of results and ROI that you, too, can achieve for your employees.

Most importantly, we invite you to interact with the blog. Do you have something valuable to share with your peers or, have a perspective you’d like to share in response to something we’ve shared? Let us know. We are building this blog for you – to serve as a community forum.
Thank you for helping make this an exciting and enriching resource for employee wellness spanning prevention, recovery, and return to work.

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Robert Stoner,
Senior Vice President, BTE Workforce Solutions