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The BTE Evaluator EV2 is specifically designed to help research clinicians more easily conduct objective muscle testing and more reliably collect the data associated with Quantitative Muscle Testing (QMT). The Evaluator EV2 is clinically validated technology, proven to improve accuracy of data collection while speeding data analysis.

bte-research-services-evaluator-ev2-measures-quanititative-muscle-strengthWhether seeking to understand muscle strength, simply evaluating a subject’s ability to perform functional tests, or objectively documenting progress, the Evaluator EV2 provides sponsors and

clinicians the easy to use solution for reliable multi-center collection of QMT data. The Evaluator EV2 delivers immediate hardcopy output as needed to support source documentation, on site monitoring, and speed data review in the clinic.

Premium, Objective Quantitative Muscle Testing

  • A validated and standardized process for QMT data collection
  • Objective, automated transmittal of QMT data
  • Highly flexible software to accommodate virtually any QMT protocol
  • Removing human error from the equation of QMT data collection
  • An end to subjectivity and manual data entry
  • Rapidly deploying a validated system to trial sites worldwide
  • Translated documentation to support worldwide training and implementation
  • Your entire global research staff – all on the same page
  • Reduced time and cost associated with your clinical studies

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