Business Benefits

Generate major cost savings throughout your organization

A safe, healthy workforce translates to a productive, profitable workplace. BTE is your one-stop partner for elevating your hiring, safety, employee care, and return to work management processes to yield better business outcomes. And major cost savings throughout your organization.

We’ve done it for major Fortune 500 companies in

  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare

You Have the Power – with BTE

We do it all to make your life easier. Our unique pairing of ISO certified hardware and software with our industry-leading clinical and operational expertise gives you the ability to fully understand and calibrate your hiring, prevention, recovery, and return to work processes. For your optimal results.

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Reduce Injury Rates by 50% or More

It all starts with objective job demands assessment – Physical Demands Analysis, with BTE. To define the functional requirement of each job. From there, we run your applicants through the customized Post Offer Employment Testing process to ensure that you are making great hires to help your organization.

Passionate About Prevention, Together

Your BTE OnSite team works shoulder to shoulder with your workforce — on your shop floor —to predict and catch problems early. Preventing OSHA recordables. Reducing treatment utilization and reducing costs by 40% or more. Helping your employees stay healthy and happy. Giving you and your employees a big win.

bte-workforce-solutions-helps-you-get-employees-back-to-work-fasterMake Return to Work Easy

A lot goes into every return to work decision. And the stakes are high. Don’t go it alone. We’ve helped clients like you make 1,000s of return to work decisions, saving them time and money. Return to Work doesn’t have to be hard. Decrease your risk, and do RTW the right way – with BTE objective testing and data support. Reduce your company’s lost workdays by 20-40%.

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