Federal Premium Ammunition Lowers Injury Rates to 1% with BTE

Saving $1.4 Million in Workers’ Compensation Costs with a Net ROI of 347%

Since 1922, Federal Premium Ammunition has been a major producer of sporting ammunition. Employee health and safety is a top priority. But in 2008, Mary Lauer, the Health Manager and Registered Nurse of Federal at the time, was getting a lot of complaints from supervisors. Employees were getting hurt. That year, Federal had 23 musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) injuries with an average cost of $17,222 per claim, totaling almost $400,000.

Multi-ethnic workers in factory. Focus on man in foreground (50s, mixed race, African ethnicity).

Lauer researched companies that provided pre-employment testing to reduce employee injuries, and says, “We chose BTE for a few reasons. First they did incumbent testing which we thought was really important. Also, they had very strong legal defensibility. We didn’t want to have a discrimination claim. And I’m happy to report we have never had a complaint filed in the five years of working together. Plus they were very professional and did all of their homework.”

BTE Physical Demands Analysis and Post Offer Employment Testing have drastically improved workplace safety. When BTE recently presented the ROI analysis, the CEO of ATK (Federal’s parent company) was so impressed he decided to implement the program in other ATK manufacturing plants.

“The results we have seen are phenomenal. The reduction in injuries and costs is amazing, but the costs avoided by not hiring someone who cannot pass the test – that is really significant.”

– Sara Peterson, Health Manager, Federal Premium Ammunition

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