BTE Helps Harley-Davidson Drive Down Workers’ Compensation Costs per Crated Unit from $26 to $2

Reducing Recordable Injury Rate 6.7 fold

As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Harley-Davidson prides itself on its passion and purpose in “fulfilling dreams of personal freedom.” But in 2006, Harley-Davidson manufacturing facilities were seeing alarmingly high injury rates and spending millions in workers’ compensation claims. To address this issue, the motorcycle manufacturer connected with BTE Workforce Solutions, and within the year, Harley-Davidson was moving in the right direction.


Over the span of several years Harley-Davidson working together with BTE to add additional services and to develop a comprehensive injury prevention and workplace wellness strategy. “We kept adding BTE services and things just took off,” says Sue. “At Harley-Davidson, we aren’t satisfied with being best in class, we want to be ‘best in galaxy’ and BTE is a part of that.”

Executing their comprehensive plan has led to tremendous workplace safety improvement and major return on investment. So much so, that Harley-Davidson earned a Theodore Roosevelt Award from Risk and Insurance for their incredible claims reductions.

“We needed to be sure we were not hiring our next workers’ comp issue. We evaluated several other companies, but selected BTE because their work was legally defensible. BTE stood by their product, and understood it from both the employee and employer side.” – Sue Gartner, Harley-Davidson Corporate Health Services Manager

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