Workforce Benefits

Deliver the highest level of care to your employees

Join the growing number of employers taking a more active role in caring for existing, qualified workers through better, job-demands-based hiring practices, onsite injury prevention, healthcare, and wellness programs. Deliver the highest level of care to your employees, with BTE.

Hire better with BTE

Make your employees and your workplace safe. By putting the right people in the right jobs with our premier objective testing. Partner with BTE and hire with confidence – backed by the most advanced testing and objective decision support.

Keep incumbent workers healthy and active with BTE OnSite

Maintaining a healthier, more consistent workforce and minimizing the impact of injuries through work conditioning and early intervention saves on both hard and soft costs. Your employees will thank you.

Provide early intervention and treatment with BTE OnSite Medical and Therapy

Partner with the experts in ergonomics and early intervention care to design the ideal prevention and wellness program for your workforce. We are here for you – work with us to customize the best prevention and treatment program for your unique needs.

Expedite safe Return to Work when injuries do occur

Get injured employees better, faster, with BTE OnSite therapy. And rely on our unmatched functional assessment to track injured workers’ progress up to the moment they are ready to return to work. Allowing them to get back to their livelihood and to their normal lives safer and faster.

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